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Some properties are lodging inns that have independent separate units with kitchens or kitchenettes

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Le Torri di Bagnara, Medieval Country Resort, Pieve San Quirico, Perugia
Costa del Sol
Club La Cartuja, Malaga
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A European vacation has endless possibilities. From Great Britain to France, Belgium, Italy and Spain you will see history, beauty, and adventure in cultural pursuits. Lodging comes in all sizes and varieties too. Rent a a villa in Spain or Italy, stay at a wine country Bed and Breakfast, or a luxury hotel in Paris. It you want to travel from city to city or country to county, you should get a rail pass. This is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel Europe. Biking, hiking and touring the countryside is great immersion touring. There are a lots of itineraries your can find for a fairly easy way to see different areas. Along the way stop at a Bed and Breakfast Inn - you will find them all over Europe. Many visitors fly to London, rent a car and travel the tube under the English channel over to France.

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