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Washington DC Vacation Rental Lodging Directory

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Some properties are lodging inns that have independent separate units with kitchens or kitchenettes

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The District of Columbia is 67 square miles and divided into 4 quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. The U.S. Capitol building marks the center where the quadrants meet. Numbered streets run north and south. Lettered streets run east and west (there are no J, X, Y or Z streets), becoming two-syllable names, then three-syllable names as you travel farther out from the center. Avenues named for US states run diagonally, often meeting at traffic circles and squares.

From its celebrated symbols of patriotism to its trendy neighborhoods, the sights and sounds of the nation's capital inspire millions of visitors every year. Packed with famous sights, free attractions, and an endless calendar of special events, Washington, DC offers year-round inspiring experiences. The United States Capitol has so much to see that you should spend several days here just too get a view of the highlights. One could spend days just roaming through the Smithsonian, composed of sixteen museums and galleries, the National Zoo, and numerous research facilities in the United States and abroad. Whether it is art, culture, science or history, the Smithsonian preserved and shares the great achievements of mankind. Marvel at the Lincoln Memorial. Visit congress and tour the White House. Pay tribute at Arlington Cemetery, the WWII Memorial, and the Vietnam War Wall.

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