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Arizona Vacation Rental Lodging Directory

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Some properties are lodging inns that have independent separate units with kitchens or kitchenettes

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Arizona - the Grand Canyon State. There is no other place like it in North America. Here you can take in tall mountain ranges, swift rivers, grasslands, sand dunes, and cactus forests. Landscape that reaches back thousands of years. Arizona is a vibrant blend of cultures and traditions. For more than a thousand years, Native American farmers inhabited much of the present-day state of Arizona. Ruins of villages and ancient structures in the northern, southern and central regions of the state attest to the ingenuity of original settlers. The five-story Montezuma Castle, a 20-room cliff dwelling located in the Verde Valley, served as a "high-rise apartment building" for Sinagua Indians 600 years ago. Case Grande also known as "Big House" is one of the largest and most mysterious prehistoric buildings ever constructed. Both sites are among the best preserved Native American structures in North America. Spanish and Mexican culture has become as much a part of Arizona and the Sonoran Desert as the Saguaro cactus. Missions and presidios established by Franciscan monks in the early 1700s, mark the beginning of the long-time infusion of language, food, music and tradition imparted by Latin people. Mexico remains the most significant cultural partner. Today, Arizona abounds with authentic Mexican art, architecture, entertainment and eateries. Bed and Breakfast can be historic adobe architecture or modern vacation rental on a golf course or even desert dude ranches where you can go horseback riding and fishing.

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