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Search Alaska for Vacation Rentals Condos, Cabins, Chalets and Beach Houses

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Alaska Vacation Rental Lodging Directory

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Some properties are lodging inns that have independent separate units with kitchens or kitchenettes

North America Vacation Rentals

South Central

Puffin Inn Hotel, Anchorage
Outside of Anchorage
Brass Lantern B&B, Seward
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When U.S. Secretary of State William Seward bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867 for .02 cents an acre, the project was criticized as 'Seward's Folly'. Now 8 national parks preserve the treasures of this wonderland and Alaska has become a favorite vacation spot for nature lovers, native culture enthusiasts, and sportsmen. Denali National Park, not far from Anchorage (Alaska's largest city), ranks as one of the nations most popular and largest parks. With 6 million acres of glaciers, tundra, lakes, streams, valleys and mountains, it is home to America's highest mountain, Mount McKinley. Easily sighted and abundant wildlife lent to the creation of Denali's nickname, "the subarctic Serengeti." When traveling to Alaska be sure to enjoy the expertise of our friendly innkeepers at a variety of accommodations from Bed and Breakfast Inns to cabins and vacation rentals. Many innkeepers are seasoned Alaskans that are eager to share their love of this Pacific Northwest country. View all accommodations for Alaska

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