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Berkeley Springs

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"Taking the waters at Bath" is a high art available year-round in the West Virginia Panhandle. In 1748, a young George Washington arrived to enjoy "ye famed warm springs". In 1776, his friends and family established the Town of Bath at the site, hoping to emulate the success of the town's British namesake, as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Today the town is better known as Berkeley Springs. Choose from centuries-old historic baths in Berkeley Springs State Park, fed by the famed warm springs, as well as four contemporary spas offering a variety of health treatments.

Health and relaxation are primary concerns here. The area boasts three times as many massage therapists as lawyers and is home to a unique manufactory, retail shop and museum of homeopathic medicine. Kick back and relax in the soothing waters of Berkeley Springs and Bath.

Atasia Spa
(877) 258-7888 or (304) 258-7888
Bath House Health Center
(800) 431-4698 or (304) 258-9071
Berkeley Springs State Park
(800) CALL WVA or (304) 258-2711
Coolfont Resort & Health Spa
(800) 888-8768
Homeopathy Works
(800) 336-1695 or (304) 258-2541
The Renaissance Spa at the Country Inn
(800) 822-6630 or (304) 258-2210

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