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How Cotton Candy is made?

Cotton candy is simple to make if you have the right equipment. To make cotton candy you need:

  • Sugar (coloring and flavoring can be mixed with the sugar)
  • Heat to melt the sugar into a liquid state
  • A Spinning Head which uses centrifugal force to force the sugar to the screen
  • A Screen with very small holes which the liquefied sugar is forced through to form the feathery threads
  • A bowl or pan to catch the feathery threads.

The sugar is poured into the spinning head which contains heaters located near the screen. As the head spins, it forces the sugar into the heater which melts the sugar into a liquid state. The liquid sugar passes through the small holes in the screen and as soon as it touches the surrounding air, it solidifies into feathery threads which are collected in the pan. A paper stick is used to gather the threads onto a manageable cone by rotating it around the spinning head.

History of cotton candy

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