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Beautiful Coastal Parks

Azalea Park - From the south, turn right at Constitution Ave. past the Chetco River overpass on Hwy 101; Turn left on North Bank Chetco River Rd; Park is on the right.
Botanical Garden - On Hwy 101 just NW of the Chetco River overpass at Constitution Way.
Harris Beach State Park - 1655 Hwy. 101, (541) 469-2021. On U.S. 101 just north of Brookings.
Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area- Siskiyou National Forest From Hwy 101 in Brookings, follow the North Bank Chetco River Road about 10 miles (past Loeb State Park) to the Siskiyou National Forest.
(Alfred A.) Loeb State Park - 8 miles NE of Brookings on North Bank Chetco River Rd. (541) 469-2021
Redwood Nature Trail - 1/2 mile past Loeb State Park on North Bank Chetco River Road.
Sporthaven Beach - between the ocean harbor -accessed by entering the Beachfront RV Park on Boat Basin Rd.








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Brookings - Harbor Chamber of Commerce
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The Siskiyou National Forest towers as a fitting signpost for a Brookings park system that stretches in all directions. Known primarily for its 350-foot tall ancient redwoods, the forest is home to the 180,000 acre Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area, a natural stretch of land characterized by its geographic diversity.

The wilderness area's elevation ranges from a mere 400 feet above sea level to a majestic 5,100 feet above. Juxtaposed within this rise and fall of scenic beauty are rough canyons, sharp rock ridges, and clear rushing streams and rivers. As one might imagine, such an ecosystem also gives rise to a diverse wildlife population, not to mention a wide variety of native vegetation. In fact, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area is actually named for a unique shrub that pre-dates the ice age.

This ancient shrub, known scientifically as Kalmiopsis leachiana, reflects the wilderness area's timeless beauty. Also rooted in the elite company of southwest Oregon's rarified climes is the insect-eating Darlingtonia Flycatcher plant, Brewer's weeping spruce and the economically valued timber species, Port Orford Cedar.

If you hike about five miles into the Siskiyou National Forest, you'll stumble upon the Little Redwood Campground, a clearing large enough for 15 drive-in campsites. The campground has bathrooms and a picnic area and, perhaps more important, it provides direct access to the Chetco River, which, along with the nearby Winchuck River, is teeming with salmon as well as steelhead and cutthroat trout.

Loeb State Park, located just eight miles northeast of Brookings, also provides access to the Chetco River. Loeb Park features free day parking and accommodates campers with 53 electrical sites scattered throughout an old-growth myrtle wood forest. The park's much-traveled Riverview Trail eventually connects with the even more popular Redwood Nature Trail, a one mile loop that even a beginning hiker can navigate without too much trouble.

If you're roughing it, you may also want to consider pitching a tent at Harris Beach State Park, Sporthaven Beach, or Clifford Kamph Memorial Park. Harris Beach State Park is open year-round and serves as a dump station for RVs. It features wheelchair accessible campsites while accommodating the general camping population with four yurts, 66 tent sites, 52 electrical sites and 34 trailer spaces with full utility hook-ups. The park also features a hiker/biker camp, and showers are available to all campers.

Sporthaven Beach sits between the ocean and Brookings and is fronted by the Beachfront RV Park on Boat Basin Road. The grounds offer plenty of free parking, and there are campsites and picnic areas at the RV Park. Sporthaven Beach has emerged as one of the regions top surfing venues. It may also be the best whale-watching beach around. A close second would be Harris Beach, which also attracts the surf crowd.

Clifford Kamph Memorial Park is located right on the Pacific's shores, just across the state line in California. The park charges only $5 a night for tent camping. Better yet, there's no charge to use the park during the day, and there are several nice picnic areas.

Samuel H. Boardman State Park sits four miles north of Brookings Harbor and offers a 11-mile stretch of Oregon coastline thought to be the most scenic and spectacular in the state. The best way to enjoy that coastal stretch is to chart the seven-mile Oregon Coast Trail, which is highlighted by the vistas of House Rock Viewpoint and Whalehead Viewpoint. Boardman Park also is known for its tidepooling. During low tide, you'll most always find a mixed batch of starfish, sea urchins, crabs, sea anemones and other ocean creatures scattered amongst the rocks.

Outside the camping arena, Brookings' most popular park is Azalea Park. Smothered in the colors of its namesake flora, Azalea Park is home to the annual Azalea Festival and Parade, the Southern Oregon Kite Festival, and the ever-popular Sunday Afternoon Concert in the Park Series, which is staged in a most acoustical natural amphitheater. Azalea Park also has softball facilities, restrooms, picnic areas, and an elaborate playground known as Kid's Town. {short description of image}
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