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Half Moon Bay,

Historic Towns of the Coastside

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Año Nuevo

Purisima Creek Redwoods


Sam McDonald




Half Moon Bay

A pleasant stroll through the town of Half Moon Bay - what a wonderful way to walk through history! Along Main Street and along the side streets, something from the past will certainly catch your eye. Who knows what you'll discover?

A house built by a dashing Mexican Don
Pablo Vasquez, son of a Mexican ranchero, built this redwood house in 1869. Over one hundred years ago, his fast horses, bullfights, and festive parties were the talk of the town. 270 Main Street.

An historic bridge over Pilarcitos Creek
Built in 1900, the Pilarcitos Creek Bridge was the first steel-reinforced concrete bridge in San Mateo County, and many people considered it quite innovative. North end of Main Street.

The oldest building on Main Street
Not only did Estanisalo Zaballa build one of the early houses (1859), he also mapped out the town. 326 Main St.

The bells of Half Moon Bay
In the early years of this country, school children responded to the tolling of the bell. (The bell is not in its original location.) Corner of Main Street and Kelly Avenue.

A City Hall that looks like a bank
Half Moon Bay City Hall (built in 1922) looks like a bank because it was once - first Bank of Half Moon Bay, then Bank of Italy, then Bank of America. 501 Main Street.

A tiny jail
Two tiny cells and a tiny office remind us of simpler days on the coastside during the first half of this century. The jail was built in 1911 and is open to the public. For more information, call Spanishtown Historical Society (650) 726-7084. 505 Johnson Street.

A church and a railroad depot
The small building joined to the Community United Methodist Church (built in 1872) was once an Ocean Shore Railroad depot. Between 1908 and 1920, the train ran along the ocean bluffs a mile west of town. In 1930, the derelict depot was dragged to the church to become a social hall. Corner of Johnson and Miramontes Streets.

Princeton-by-the-Sea Pescadero

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