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Congress Cooks!

Our elected officials share some of their favorite recipes,
many featuring foods special to the part of the country they so proudly represent.
You can find interesting recipes from soups to desserts,
award winning recipes and family favorites....
from sea to shining sea.

Congress Cooks: Recipes from Congressional Representatives and Senators

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Congress Cooks: Recipes from Congressional Representatives and Senators Recipes from Representatives in the South Western States Recipes from Representatives in the Southern (South Eastern) States Recipes from Representatives in the Mid-Atlantic States Recipes from Representatives in the New England (North East) States Recipes from Representatives in the Mid-Western States Recipes from Representatives in the North Western States Recipes from Representatives of the West Coast States
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Alabama: State Nut -Pecan, State Fruit - Blackberry, State Fruit Tree - Peach.
Alaska:State Food - Salmon, State Dessert - Baked Alaska
Arkansas: State Vegetable - Tomato, State Grain - Rice.
Arizona:chile con queso, tortillas & salsa
California: State Bread - Sourdough, State Fruit - Avocado, Figs, and Apricot
Colorado: State Fish - Rainbow Trout
Connecticut: State Dessert - Corn Pudding, Hasty Pudding, State Seasoning - Nutmeg
Delaware: State Food - Crab Puffs
Florida: State Pie - Key Lime Pie, State fruit - Orange.
Georgia: State prepared food - Grits, State Fruit - Peach, State Vegetable - Sweet Onion.
Hawaii: State Fruit - Pineapple, Kiwi
Idaho: State food - Potato, State Fruit - Huckleberry.
Illinois: State Snack food - Popcorn, State Fruit - Apple, Chicago - Pork and Beans
Iowa: State Grain - Quaker Oats
. Kentucky: State fruit - Blackberry, State Bread - Wheat Bread.
Louisiana: State Fruit-Strawberry, State Jellies - Mayhaw jelly and Louisiana sugar cane jelly, State Meat Pie - Natchitoches meat pie, State Vegetable - Sweet Potato.
Maine: State Fruit - Wild Blueberry, State Seafood - Maine Lobster.
Maryland: State Food - Blue Crabs, State Dessert - Smith Island Cake.
Massachusetts: State Fruit - Cranberry, State Muffin - Corn Muffin, State Bean - Baked Navy Beans, State Dessert - Boston Cream Pie, State Cookie - Chocolate Chip Cookie, State Donut - Boston Cream Donut, State Soup - Boston Clam Chowder.
Michigan: State Fruit - Cherry, State Cereal - Battle Creek Cereals
Minnesota: State Fruit - Honeycrisp Apple, State Grain - Wild Rice, State Muffin - Blueberry Muffin, State Mushroom - Morel.
Mississippi: State Dessert - Mud Pie, Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, State Food - Cajun and Jambalya
Missouri: State Fruit - Norton Cynthiana grape, State Dessert - Ozark Pudding.
New Hampshire: State Fruit - Pumpkin, State Soup - Corn Chowder.
New Jersey: State Fruit - Highbush Blueberry, State Vegetable - Jersey Tomato.
New Mexico: State Cookie - Bizcochito, State Vegetable - Chiles and Frijoles (refried beans).

Great Recipes from Congressmen & Senators of the United States

New York: State Fruit - Apple. State Drink - Long Island Ice Tea
North Carolina: State Fruit - Blueberry, Strawberry, and Scuppernong Grape. State Vegetable - Sweet Potato.
North Dakota: State Fruit - Chokecherry.
Oklahoma: State Menu Item - Barbecued pork, Chicken fried steak, Sausage, Biscuits and gravy, and Fried Okra, State Vegetable - Squash, Corn, Grits and Black-eyed Peas, State Bread - Cornbread, State Dessert - Pecan Pie, State Fruit - Strawberry and Watermelon.
Oregon: State Fruit - Pear, State Mushroom - Pacific Golden Chanterelle, State Nut - Hazelnut, State Seafood - Dungeness Crab.
Pennsylvania: State cookie - Chocolate chip cookie, State Dessert - Shoefly pie.
Rhode Island: State Fruit - Rhode Island Greening Apple, State Drive - Coffee Milk, State Bread - Johnny Cakes (corn bread).
South Carolina: State Fruit - Peach, State Snack Food - Boiled Peanuts.
South Dakota: State Dessert: Kuchen, State Bread - Frybread.
Tennessee: State Fruit - Tomato.
Texas: State Bread - Pan de campo, State Dish - Chili con carne, State Fruit - Texas Red Grapefruit, State Nut - Native Pecan, State Pastries - Sopaipilla and Strudel, State Pepper - Jalapeño and Native Chiltepin, State Snack - Tortilla chips and salsa.
Utah: State Fruit - Cherry, State Vegetable - Spanish Sweet Onion, State Historic Vegetable - Sugar Beet, State Snack Food - Jell-O.
Vermont: State Fruit - Apple, State Pie - Apple Pie, State Food - Maple Syrup.
Virginia: State Meat - Virginia Ham.
Washington: State Fruit - Apple, State Muffin - Blueberry Muffin, State Vegetable - Walla Walla Sweet Onion, State Tuber - Russet potato.
West Virginia: State Fruit - Golden Delicious Apple, Apple Butter.
Wisconsin: State Fruit - Cranberry, State Muffin - Cranberry Muffin, State Dessert - Cranberry Pie, State Cheese - Colby Cheese.
Wyoming: State Meat - Shoshone Lamb, Jerky, State Bread - Army Bread,

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