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Reservation Procedures:

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Deposit and Payments:

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Cancellation Policy:

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Languages Spoken:
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Recreation and Activities:

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Surrounding Attractions & Special Events:

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Description of rental: (Please include 2 copies of brochure or physical description, amenities, accommodations, etc.)
Specialty Recipes: (If you created special gourmet delights and would like to include them, please attach - this gives you extra fee pages on our very popular Internet Cookbook. Please send no more than 5 recipes).
Heritage Recipes: (This would include those special family recipes created by "Mom, Grandma or Great Aunt May". Please include the recipe, the family story about the recipe and a photo of relative - we'll return the photo).
Handicapped Facilities/Accessible:
Recommended Local Restaurants:

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Recommended Local Foods and Where to Buy Them:

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Recommended Local Best Kept Secrets:

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