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All our index placements are free and included in your membership as to whether they are applicable to your property. These indexes provide convenience and ease of navigation for travelers on our site. Many people will shop for lodging by those that accept children, or pets or inns that are on or near a ski slope, or places to have their wedding or party.

STATE / CITY/ REGION: All properties are listed within the state they reside. In some cases properties are on the state border and relate closer to a "city across a bridge" so we would list your property in the state it actually resides and in the state and area it is close to and gets a lot of visitors from ... there is no extra charge for this listing. State directories are geographical, provide location maps and broken up into areas. Properties that pay for a higher level will be listed above other properties. Properties are listed first in the state, region and then city. Properties are listed alphabetical within each city.

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