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B&B: In the 4-5 room range, this owner-occupied establishment has an equally mixed use as home and lodging with lodging superseding home more often than not. It is located in a legally zoned area and meets all the tax, fire, building and health requirements for this size and use of property. This establishment advertises publicly and can legally post a sign. Often the property is purchased specifically to be a B & B, but many are converted family homes.

INN: Generally small, owner-operated businesses. Inns advertise, have business licenses, comply with government ordinances, pay all appropriate taxes and post signs. Breakfast is the only meal served and only to overnight guests. The inn may host events such as weddings, small business meetings, etc. Room numbers range from 4-20 with a small, but increasing number up to 30 or more.

COUNTRY INN: A business offering overnight lodging and meals. These establishments are, in fact, bed-and-breakfast inns which serve at least one meal in addition to breakfast, and operate as "restaurants" as well as overnight lodging accommodations. Modified American plan (MAP) country inns serve dinner to overnight guests only, and the cost of dinner and breakfast is often included in the room rate. A country inn with a full-service restaurant serves these additional meals to the general public. To be a country inn, a property does not have to be located in a rural area. Room numbers tend to range from 6 to 30.

BOUTIQUE HOTEL: This group of properties, by name, are luxurious and elaborately decorated. They often provide hotel-like services with a personal touch from employees. The size ranges from 15-50 rooms. The owner may be involved in daily operation, but generally a manager is responsible to a corporation. Meal service is usually breakfast only, but in some instances very high-quality dinner and/or lunch service and room service are also provided.

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